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Update on our 2017 Christmas Charity

Hayden & Jaden Christmas to remember

I Have the pleasure of introducing everyone to our newest additions to our loved ones that we get to call niece and nephew. My Brother Allan has met a wonderful woman names Melissa who is in my words the definition of “SUPER MOM” She spends her days dedicated to her children. Her Son Jaden age3 has Spinal Bifida, and his sister Haydin age 8 Loves her brother and helps as much as she can everyday. These children deserve to have a Christmas instead having To be understanding that all the money and time goes to their care. So many miles to children’s hospitals nights sleeping In visitors chairs in hospital rooms waiting to hear what the doctor has to say next. We all feel so honored to now have These wonderful children and their mother in our lives and want to help give them a Christmas they deserve. My Brother Allan and us our reaching out for everyone’s help in any way you can to help us make this happen.

Letter From Our Brother

  I recently met a lady and her two kids who have helped me regain my faith in humanity. Melissa is a single mother who is actually serious about the job, dedicating her time to her children finding creative activities that also teach and and give her the chance to be involved in how they react and respond to the world. Her 3yr old son Jaden was born disabled with Spina Bifida, which accompanies a great deal of internal issues, including incontinence of the bowls and bladder meaning he’ll be in diapers for life. He doesn’t have the use of most of his muscles in his lower body. Her days and finances are spent on bowel cleanses, catheter-diaper changings and trying to figure out which bill to pay late to fix the next thing on her car that breaks so that SHE can get to his multiple medical appointments, drive to the children’s hospital in Madera and make it to weekly physical therapy sessions. Her 8yr old daughter Haydin has seen too much already and is already going to counseling to deal Issues like depression, she’s 8 not 18. She’s sweet, shy, adorably dorky and one of the coolest human beings I’ve ever met…regardless of age. Mom is a different story than the one you hear most of the time. She came from a lifestyle that statistically, doesn’t have very many success stories. When her children came into her life all of the bad influences were aggressively set aside. She dedicates all she is and all she has to making sure her children have all they need. She goes hungry when there isn’t enough food and everything she does is keyed toward making sure Haydin and Jaden are healthy and happy. If I had the means I would do everything I could for these amazing people. I know that somewhere, someone who cares will open their heart’s for this amazing lady and her incredible children who are struggling this holiday season, they deserve so much more this Christmas than apologies. Can anyone help? Sincerely…


Noble Kindred Charities Put out a call to help give Hayden and Jaden a Christmas to remember. We wanted to give an update of how it turned out. Us at Noble Kindred Charities were able to get everything that the children had on the list they provided us. And with many individuals and And another Charity program ” Santa Project” through the Kind Kindred who choose families in need every year to help with the holidays. This was there 4th year. We were all able to give this family a beautiful holiday that hopefully they will never forget.

We hope They enjoyed every second of it and thank you to all those who made it possible. That’s what it is all about. From all of us at Noble Kindred Charities !


Project Updates and Outcomes

Update on our 2017 Christmas Charity Hayden & Jaden Christmas to remember I Have the pleasure of introducing everyone to our newest additions to our loved ones that we get […]

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