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Welcome To Noble Kindred Charities

We are a Group of individuals with our sights set on the future. We want to help make life better for as many as we can. We want the future to be bright and hopeful. To show our folk that morals and values still exist. We would like to touch as many people as we have the ability to touch. From new born babies to troubled teens to single moms and dads all the way to the elderly and focusing on helping children to ease the pain of cancer to homelessness, to basic needs. To shine a little light in the lives of families that may not have the ability to shine it alone. Veterans are one of our most important issues we want to help with no veteran should ever go with out, should ever be cold or be homeless. These men and woman have given what ever it takes to keep our country safe. More and more individuals are faced with struggles and less and less does anyone reach out. Everyone is so caught up in social media and internet and other digital and electronics that they are unaware of what life is out side the box. Society as a whole is detached from life. one of our goals is to help bring families closer together. With everyone’s help we should be able to move mountains. Its time to live life feel life and be life. the time is here for us all to take back control of our lives love our folk help our fallen to pick themselves up show our children the way. Show them people are what matters life matters and happiness is real.

Dedication, Determination & Discipline

The Three D’s are what we base everything we do. We stay dedicated to helping to build a better future for tomorrow. We want to help families become strong by helping to provide the things that can put strain on families. Show them that people still do care even in the darkest of times. We are dedicated to putting smiles on children’s faces . Showing our Veterans they are not forgotten letting single parents know their is life out their even when the have to do it alone. To help battered woman to pick up the pieces. Feed our hungry, Warm our Cold and reach out to as many as we are able to. We have many projects in the works and many ideas we hope get to come to life. With help from you we will be able to do so much more


We are determined to accomplish our goals even if its only on a small scale but our hopes is it will become a large one. We are determined to remind our folk that there is life and lives beyond the phone or internet that hearts still beat, people still hurt, children go without, people still run from responsibility leaving behind lost families, that children still get sick, and veterans still are homeless in the cold. We spend hours making blankets collecting food and other clothing even try to help get costly lifesaving medical equipment put presents under the Christmas trees. Help with bills or what ever the need may be our folk need our help. Its time to reach out rather than step over we are determined to be the example!


We are disciplined to never stray from our goals never allow ourselves to be distracted. We refuse to fail no matter what comes our way.


Project Updates and Outcomes

Update on our 2017 Christmas Charity Hayden & Jaden Christmas to remember I Have the pleasure of introducing everyone to our newest additions to our loved ones that we get […]

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Our Friends

Our Friends  Cover our People With Love Provides Blankets to those in need. Blankets for our folk by our folk   Community First Outreach  Community First Outreach is a grassroot […]

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